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Service vet“On love, not harming others, and respecting all beings. Even animals have these elements in their behavioural patterns. We should start by observing how animals act. They are honest and appreciate it when we are honest with them. If you present something nice to an animal in one hand while hiding a rope in the other, the creature will know your intention. Yet animals have no religion, no constitution. Basic nature has endowed them with the faculty of discernment. It is the same for humans.” HH the Dalai Lama.

At Animal Konnection we mainly use natural therapy modalities for the individualised management of your pets. Integrated veterinary consultations may take ½ - 1½hrs, depending on the concern. A full examination of the animal, including detailed history and craniosacral balance assessment are undertaken and a treatment plan is developed specifically for the animal. The most applicable managment option/s are discussed with the caregiver during the consultation and include dietary advice and application of the appropriate modality/ies (natural therapy, TCVM, conventional veterinary medicine or surgury).

Consultations for natural veterinary medicine include the following natural therapy modalities:

We recommend and encourage clients maintain contact with their conventional medicine veterinarian for situations where allopathic methods are most applicable to the problem, as this is not our core business. Tracey is open to communicate and work in conjunction with your vet and is happy to discuss problems and on-going treatment with them.  

What We Do Not Do 

We do not have emergency or surgery facilities and this is not a part of our service. Dr Simpson encourages her clients to have a regular vet for conventional medicine, surgery and emergency services, and to bring their animal in to see her for conditions or ongoing problems where natural therapies are preferred or to assist with conventional veterinary medicine. Contact us for on-going natural therapies support for your animal, after the emergency or surgery.